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Desen Corporation provides Professional Engineering, Business Consulting and Training services to established organizations looking to rationalize their existing product or service offering or to start-up organizations looking for solid turnkey solutions.

Established in 2009, the firm benefits from its team having decades' worth of combined engineering, business and training experience in multiple industries. You can rest assured that your engineering, advising, training, validation and certification needs will be met with efficacy and professionalism.

Our extensive experience and network of professionals allows us to apply ourselves in an efficient, tailor-made manner. Whether the timeline is long or short and whether the scope is minimal or complex, dedicated teams of engineers and consultants are put in place to satisfy all requirements.

The benefit of using Desen is a result of the ability to tap into an efficient engineering powerhouse with proven success in operating within accelerated timelines with reduced prototype costs and a determination to remain competitive while enabling clients to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

As committed to sound engineering practice as Desen's staff are, we're also mindful of our duty to our environment. At every step, we strive to reduce the impact on our environment by making wise, informed choices when it comes to energy and natural resource conservation throughout our operation.